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  • I'm selling my property; what do I need to do?
    Please email to change your address and advise of the effective date of the change. Settlement attorneys will require a statement from Crossings on the Potomac requesting information on dues and confirming that you are current on your annual assessments payments. Such requests will be addressed promptly; however, please do not wait until the last minute. All community management functions are performed by volunteers who do not necessarily have access to their records at all times. You can obtain a statement by emailing
  • Find the covenants and by-laws?
    The Covenants, By-laws, and other governing documents for the Community are available under the General Information tab, Governing Documents.
  • Pay my annual association dues?
    Property owners will receive an annual dues notification in December of each year along with payment instructions (check to be sent to Crossings on the Potomac). Association dues payments are due January 1st of each year, but we have a grace period. Payments not received by the Treasurer by March 1st will incur interest fees that accrued beginning on January 1st. The dues notification and remittance forms can be found under the Property Owners tab, Board of Directors Communications. Membership in the site is required to access items under the Property Owners tab.
  • Find out what the Board of Directors is doing?
    Coming soon: Scheduled Board of Director meetings will be posted on the home page; meeting minutes will be added
  • Get involved?
    We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to the community. Some ideas for contributing include serving as a member of the Board of Directors, serving on the marina or architectural review committee, or participating in a community clean-up day. Current volunteers are listed on the website under Community Management. But there are lots of possibilities. For more information or to volunteer, reach out to any Board member. And don't forget to mark your calendar for the Annual Meeting, which takes place very year in mid-October.
  • Access Community Directories
    Registered property owners can access the Community Directories under the Property Owners tab of this website. A user account is required.
  • Report a problem?
    Please report any gate problems or maintenance issues to or to any member of the Board of Directors.
  • Change my address?
    Coming soon: A Change of Address form will be made available on the website. In the meantime, please email .
  • Find Annual Meeting documents
    A user account is required to access Annual Meeting documents, which can then be accessed from the Property Owners tab.
  • Find construction requirements?
    General construction requirements (such as square footage and materials to be used on the exterior) can be found in the Covenants (see Governing Documents under the General tab). Details and the application for construction can be found on the Construction page (see Construction under the General tab). Please submit your application for construction prior to beginning construction. Note: this application is to address community requirements only. County building permits are a separate process (
  • Submit construction documents?
    The application for construction can be found on the Construction page under the General tab.
  • Request a gate code
    Registered property owners can request a gate code on the Gates page (see Property Owners/Gates). New owners not yet registered can visit the Gates Overview page under the General tab or email Third parties who need access to the community (e.g. delivery services, utilities) can request a code on the Gates Overview page under the General tab
  • Request a gate opening
    Registered property owners may request a gate opening for a special event using the form available on the Gates page (Property Owners/Gates). Please do so at least 5 days in advance of the desired opening.
  • Get a remote control for the gates?
    Registered property owners may purchase a remote control for the gates for $50.00. The point of contact can be found on the Gates page (Property Owners tab/Gates)
  • Get a boat ramp key?
    Registered property owners may request a key for the boat ramp gate at no charge. The point of contact can be found under the Property Owners tab, "Marina".
  • Register my watercraft?
    All boats using the marina must be legally registered with an appropriate authority and registered with the Crossings POA annually. Current year stickers must be affixed such that they are visible from the docks. The registration form is available under the Property Owners tab, "Marina".
  • I have a question or issue not addressed on this website...
    Please contact the Crossings POA secretary at
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