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Mowing Requirements

Property mowing is required as outlined in Covenants Article XV.  The Board of Directors defined mowing as follows:

Mowing Provisions for Completed Dwellings

Whether occupied or not, lots that have a completed dwelling must be mowed once a month, starting in April and ending in September.  These lots will be inspected from the street on approximately the 1st of each month.

Mowing Provisions for Vacant or Under Construction Lots

Any lot under construction or vacant must be mowed at least twice a year, the first being prior to June 15th and the second between September 15th and October 15th.


Failure to meet these requirements will result in a $250 fine for each infraction.  Failure to pay the monetary fine within 45 days will result in a lien against your property.  This regulation is reflected in Covenants Article XV.

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