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Welcome prospective owners!

Crossings on the Potomac is a residential community on the Potomac River in Hedgesville, West Virginia featuring large lots, custom homes, and a private marina that provides access to 8 miles of boatable waters--and great neighbors! 

If you are a new owner, please click here to register with the Crossings on the Potomac Community Association.  Please include in your request the names of the property owners, lot number (this is the essential property identifier) and mailing address (these are required by law), along with date of closing. Phone numbers are desirable, but optional. We look forward to meeting you!

Crossings on the Potomac--the Details

The Crossings community includes 168 lots, of which 106 have been developed. Most properties are on private roads in 4 gated sections (Americana, Conocoheague, Piscataway, and Chesapeake).  Other properties are outside the gates on Little Georgetown Rd and B&O Overpass Rd.  The community is managed by the Crossings on the Potomac Property Owners Association (POA).   We do not employ the services of a property management organization, but rely on community members to volunteer to serve in various capacities.   The POA is incorporated under the laws of the State of West Virginia.


Our current annual dues are $775 per lot, which includes $475 for annual operating expenses and $300 for the roadway resurfacing reserve fund. Dues may be adjusted in accordance with West Virginia code 36B-1-114 subject to approval by Association members.  

Prospective buyers are encouraged to review the legal and policy documents governing the community.  A copy of the new property owners Welcome Letter can be found here.  If you have additional questions, please contact us!

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