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Marina Policy

The docks have been removed for the winter and will be reinstalled in May 2024.

Docks are normally installed by Memorial Day weekend and removed in early October.

Marina guidelines:

  • Use and enjoyment of the marina is for property owners, their family and guests and is at their own risk. The sponsoring Crossings property owner or an immediate family member must be present at all times.

  • All boats and trailers must be legally registered prior to registering with Crossings on the Potomac.

  • Boats and trailers must have Crossings on the Potomac stickers for the current season affixed. Unregistered boats or trailers are subject to being towed at the risk and expense of the owner.

  • Slip use is intended to be temporary. There are not enough slips for users to keep boats docked long-term. Please be courteous to others. 

  • Please keep the boat ramp gate locked when not actively loading or unloading.   

  • Recreational use of the marina and docks for fishing or launching a canoe or kayak does not require registration.

  • In the event of an emergency such as a pending flood or hurricane, docks will be removed immediately. 

  • Dock removal in October is a function of the weather and of the availability of the contractor and the precise date cannot be predicted.  Owners should plan to have boats and trailers removed from the marina area by October 1st.  



Property owners may request a boat ramp key and register their boats here


The installation and removal of the docks are governed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Docks are not to be placed in the river before May and must be removed no later than October. All boats and trailers are to be removed from the marina during this time. 

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